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discuss a time you got into a conflict...


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hey everyone!

i just joined! i recently did an interview for an overseas placement that was particularly challenging. one question they had was

discuss a time when you got into a conflict. whom did you enter into conflict with? why? how did you deal with this? did it affect your leadership ?


i found it hard because you basically have to show them your worst side :eek: ; but what they're really looking for is how you dealt with a big problem.


anyway, any thoughts?



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Looking into common interview questions like this, and thinking about them well in advance, gives you great preparation for interviews. As well, thinking of these different anecdotes will give you more to pull from in your interview. (My car does not have a stereo at the moment because it was stolen before, so when I drive long drives, my mind tends to wander to thinking about questions like this). I'm sure you've been in conflicts before - think about what YOU did to cause conflict (you don't want to come off as someone who can't admit when they do something wrong), and try and come out with something positive that you took away from the argument.

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