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Ottawa U Cutoffs vs AFMC booklet info

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I've been hearing really high cutoffs for Ottawa U. However, page 23 of the AFMC booklet says

"Academic Criteria: Three years full-time university studies leading to a Bachelor’s degree is required.

The minimum acceptable grade point average is 3.4 on a 4.0 scale. The mean grade

point average of successful applicants in 2006/07 was 3.66 on a 4.0 scale.

The MCAT is not required."


How can the mean grade of successful applicants be so low when cutoffs are higher than 3.8 (or even 3.7?)


I know I must be missing some information somewhere so an explanation from anyone would be appreciated!

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There are a lot of reasons:


1. The cutoff in the French program is much lower.

2. The cutoff for graduate students' undergraduate marks is traditionally much lower (3.5), and

3. The cutoff for Ottawa area applicants is traditionally 3.60.


However, traditionally.. in province, out of Ottawa applicants had a 3.83 cutoff, and out of province had a 3.87 (I think).


Ottawa area is up to 3.65 now.. and it's looking like all the catchments are up (in province 3.85, etc...). So you'll see those stats changing a little for next year.


BTW, the 3.4 is the mininum required to even apply. That is in no way the cutoff. Hope this helps!

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Are they referring to succesful applicants who started school in 2006, or who applied in 2006? If it's the former, then there might be a 4th factor, being that the average GPA of admitted applicants was apparently higher this yr when compared to previous ones.

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