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Taking the US DATS


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Has anyone taken the DATS in the US instead of Canada?? I was wondering since I heard they offered more dates to write it than Canada does. I wanted to apply to dental school this coming fall but I haven't written the DATs yet. Any advice would be great!

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The American DAT is offered almost every day. It's kind of like going in to the driving centre to write your G1 test.


Many American schools will accept the Canadian DAT. However, Canadian schools (with the exception of Saskatchewan I have heard rumours, but do your own research to be sure) do not accept the American DAT as it does not have a carving component.


The material is also different - they both have bio, chem, PAT, and reading comp. But the Canadian DAT has carving, whereas the American DAT has organic chemistry and quantitative reasoning (a math section).


The American DAT is also a computer test, which from what I have heard can be a disadvantage - particularly with PAT and reading comp. The Canadian DAT is written on paper.


I think it mostly depends on where you are looking to go. You said you were looking to apply next fall - I am guessing you mean entry for 2009. If you are applying to American schools and haven't already written the DAT, the November Canadian DAT will be too late for American schools for application for 2009 and so you would have to write the American DAT earlier. However you can write the November Canadian DAT as that would be an eligible DAT for Canadian school applications for 2009.


Hope that helps. Good luck!


-- vert

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