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French Stream Interview

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I was just wondering if anyone out there had specific tips/advise for the French stream interview. For example, did the interviewers ask the same questions as the English stream except in French? I was also wondering (and this might seem very random) if they had a heavy accent.



Does anybody have any feedback on their French stream interview?


Merci d'avance :)

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Hi PommeC,


I had a interview last year through the french stream... I found that the interviwers did not have a ''quebecois'' accent at all, if I remember correctly they were all (somewhat) bilingual. Now that I think of it, I found that they expressed themselves very clearly. Oh, and if you added that you were bilingual, they will be asking you a question in english, however don't worry about having a french accent... my English was better that the interviewer's.


The applicants did not talk much about the questions they were asked, however (from what I've heard) eveyone had diffrent questions and were ''put'' in diffrent hypothethical situations.


Hope I helped !

Bonne chance jeudi ;)

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The accent your pannel has depends on the pannel. Not everyone is interviewed by the same people, and the interviewers change every year, so really our past experience is not a very good predictor of what you can expect.


I would, however, expect them to be able to express themselves pretty well. If you have trouble understanding something, don't hesitate to ask for clarification. They will be sensible to cultural differences that could impact your understanding and will surely not judge you over how well you understand the Quebec (or any other) accent!

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Hey guys, congrats on getting your invite.


Studying health & medicine in french would be awesome, another great way to expand your options/horizon. I'm keeping my fingers crossed so tightly they're gonna merge into one!


I'm a Taiwanese immigrant, moved in and out of Montreal a couple of times and though french is my second language ( english third ) and I can communicate in french with ease ... not gonna lie, I am not confident in discussing intense world / medical issues in french ... so, I'm sliding into panic mode.


Do you guys have any tips/suggestions, sites or books where I can read up them french articles?


Tossing this out there, see if I can connect with other French Streamers.




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