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Course-based masters and Graduate review policy

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hey guys


I'm just a bit confused about the policy.


first it states, those in year one of a course-based program grad grades can be used if full year of courses taken...


then later it says 85% average needed. Thus students in a one-year program cannot advance in the policy as there are no grades to assess.



SO, if you're in 2-year course-based you're good, but if you're in 1-year masters (any type, e.g. course-based) you're no good ?


what if you are in a 1 year masters and apply and send in the grades from fall (for 3 courses) --- would that make it any difference and could they use those grades to assess?



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if you're in a course-based masters, you have to take a full course load.


but if you're doing a thesis based masters, you can only apply in your 2nd year and maintain 85%+ average.


It's very rare for anyone to have a 2 year course-based masters... and most likely means that you didnt take full course load.

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