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Should I apply for an international medical school?  

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  1. 1. Should I apply for an international medical school?

    • Yes- Your chances are slim of getting into a Canadian school
    • No- You have a good chance to get into a Canadian school
    • No- You will not be able to come back. Work on upgrading your application instead.
    • Yes- An international medical education is a good choice

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I have recently graduated from an undergrad with a decent GPA (82% cumulative) and MCAT score (30 O). I have volunteered a couple of years as a ski patrol where I was trained to perform first aid on and off the hill. I also spent a summer volunteering at a hospital and worked part time throughout high school and university plus various other non-medically related volunteer experience and extracurricular activities. I know that I would be an excellent physician however I also know the competition I'm up against. I just had an interview this past weekend at Dalhousie which I feel went well but as many people apply three times before they actually get in I"m beginning to look over my options. I want to practice in Nova Scotia. Should I reapply to Dalhousie if I'm rejected or should I seek my medical education abroad? Next year I may not even qualify as a maritime student since I recently moved out of province which will definitely hurt my chances of getting in for the following year. I know it is easier to get in to schools such as SABA in the Caribbean but I don't like the risk of not being able to practice back in Canada. I'd consider applying to school in the states but the tuition is ridiculous.


Does anybody have any advice? Should I try to rewrite the MCATs and reapply? Or just apply to a foreign country. Living in the tropics for a couple of years (the following 2 years are spent doing rotations in the States) while earning a medical education sounds amazing to me but I fear I'll never be able to come back home to work. I would much rather go to Dalhousie however I think I am able to get into school in the Caribbean for this September if Dal rejects me. I really want to enter medical school sooner rather than later. I don't want to have to apply 3 times before I get in. It is such a lengthy time consuming process with no guarantees on success.


Please give me some advice!!

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I personally would not go to the Caribbean. they cost as much as US schools without the benefits. US schools are a good bet if you can pay for them, but you have to keep in mind that you will not be able to come back to Canada. So its really a lose-lose situation if you want to stay in Canada. Your best bet is to keep reapplying until you get in.

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