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Desperately help needed!!!

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Hello everybody!!


Can somebody please explain how supplementary in one subject in third year can effect your chances?? I passed my one subject as a supplementary during third year of engineering. please and please if somebody can help and let me know if it will jeopardize my admission to Med Schols?? Any other way to compnsate for this???


Thanks in advance!!!

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Hi satfan!

I tried to answer your PM a couple of months ago but your box was blocked. Sorry I couldn't reach you.

Are you talking about your foreign credentials? Where are'u from? If you'r from the the same system I'm from (fromer SU), I could probably help you better. Any way, you'd better write directly to WES bcs even though people on this forum are very friendly it is very unlikely they know the foreign diploma assessment procedures.

Moreover, EACH school is very different in applying its rules and the way it treats the foreign degrees. You should contact every school you are interested in directly and ask everything that bothers you. This is the most efficient way to spot some light on you where you stand I could think of.

You can try to PM me again or post your questions here, I'll do my best to answer them.


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