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So where do you see yourself in 10 years?


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Hey All,


I've been thinking about the question and have "truthful writer's block". I'm and MD/PhD candidate, and can't really consider myself thinking about family medicine. So what else can you say other than a specialist (granted you coudl say what kind), at a hospital located at place x? I'd like to round out my answer a little more than that. If anyone has any thoughts, they're appreciated!

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They are not expecting you to have your career planned out (heck I'm in 4th year and lots of my classmates are still deciding how they are going to rank their CaRMS programs), just that you have a realistic idea of what you are getting yourself into.


If you go into a specialty, residency will be ~5 years, so in 10 years you will be fresh out of residency, trying to get started as a staff. You will probably still be carrying your med school debt, never mind having paid off your mortgage. And if you are applying to MD/PhD then you will still be a resident.


If you have a rough idea of what you want to do, that's great, but if you don't, not to worry, just be honest.

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As a successful interviewee, I think your opinion carries weight. Would you elaborate as to why you'd the left out specifics about speciality, family status and financial status? In my mind, I always set short medium and long term goals. In a way I do create a realistic visual picture for the long term, which would include mentioning those topics.


hey e_is_hv!


since you are applying for an MD/PhD... maybe do you want to talk about your 'long term research goals' also?

i always read this question as not "paint me an accurate picture of the future" but "where would you like to be and how will you get there?"


i got asked this question in an unrelated interview and i said kind of this:

- working in international/northern health both as a practicing physician, researcher and policy maker

- being a public advocate for change

- continuing my artistic interests

- sharing my knowledge in some form of teaching

- being able to run 10 K !

- having a dog


so i carefully avoided saying

- what kind of speciality i want to do (i don't know...)

- having a family and/or children (don't feel like sharing that information...plus don't want to bank on something happening in 10 years when it may not? these things happen on their own timeline)

- financial status, marital status, level of accomplishment ("top researcher", "senior professor" "attending physician" etc).

just because i didn't feel comfortable sharing those specifics....


hope that helps!


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