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Anyone reluctant to apply for med school bursaries b/c of fear of discrimination?

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Are any of you reluctant to submit apps for finacial assistance (ie Queens bursaries and schulich scholarships etc) for fear of discrimination?


I mean it is possible that if you have for example two applicants that are competing for the same seat, but one applicant appleis for fin aid b/c their parents don't make any money, and the other applicant doesn't apply, don't you think they might favour the applicant who didn't apply for fin aid?

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I see where you are coming from.


Really, there should be some faith in the system that these things won't happen.

Admissions should be decided independently.


If the application for financial aid is to be sent to an admissions office, then I would be a bit hesitant. But if the application for bursaries goes to a separate finance / bursary office, this should be alright.


At the end of the day, you should go ahead and apply though. You don't want to get an offer, and then in the summer be like, "darn I wish I had applied!"

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