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MCAT books for sale (can include MSAR book as well)

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Hi everyone,


I am selling my MCAT prep books and notes. Following are the items for sale: -


1) Princeton Review Books (includes Biological sciences review, physical sciences review, verbal reasoning and writing sample review, science workbook, verbal reasoning workbook, extra practice passages and science review questions)


2)Princeton Review Class notes: includes all the notes given by instructors of the course for all MCAT sections along with extra practice


3) Kaplan's "New MCAT premier program 2007" along with practice tests on CD


4) Kaplan practice tests


5) Medical School Admission Requirements Book - gives details on all the medical school in Canada and the US and gives all the requirements (gpa cutoffs, mcat cutoffs, averages, etc.)


All of the above items can be sold as a package for $250. If anyone is interested in buying only certain items, please PM me and I can tell you about the cost. I am in the Toronto area by the way.


Look forward to hearing from you all! :D

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