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AMCAS question


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So this is my 4th year and I am 1 credit short.

I will be completing the final credit in Fall 2009 semester.

However, I don't know where I will be taking the course.

I understand AMCAS wants to receive transcripts from each post-secondary institution at which I have attempted course work, regardless of whether the credit was earned.


How can I complete this part if I don't yet know where I will be taken the final credit?

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Hm...well AMCAS only requires the transcripts for courses you have already taken.


There's a section for "upcoming" courses, but they don't require a transcript or copy of your registration, since no one's schedule is really set in stone in June. It wouldn't be a huge deal if you just selected whichever school you've done most of your credits at, even if that's not accurate.


You'll need to send your final transcripts once accepted.

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