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Medgames 2010

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Anyone ever hear of any Dent Games in Canada? I believe the dental students at McGill participate in the Med Games. I would love to see either a Med/Dent Games or our own Dent Games (although there are so few dental students in Canada in comparison to Med students, I'm not sure it would fly).

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The Medgames will be held on January 8-9-10, at Laval University in Quebec city.


Here's the sport list (it's in french but I guess you'll get the idea for most of them) :


Hockey cosom mixte

Water polo mixte

Soccer féminin

Soccer masculin

Volley ball mixte

Ballon chasseur mixte



Natation (swimming)

Hockey on ice mixte

Ballon balai mixte

Handball mixte


Basket ball



Ultimate frisbee mixte

Flag football



Danse (dansing)

Escalade (climbing)

Création de murale

Baby foot humain


Jeux vidéos (video games)

Génie en herbe

Souque a la corde


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Just a reminder that registration for the upcoming 2010 MedGames is open as of today and until October 30th or until all spots are taken (whichever comes first).


They will be held on January 8-10 in Quebec City at Laval University.


For more info check out the website:



Hope to see as many of you there as last year!

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