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Chances of Admission for an Engineering Student

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Hey everyone,


I have already submitted my OMSAS application this year, for UofT, Queens, UWO, NOSM and McMaster. I just wanted to get your opinion on the probability of me getting an interview or admission to UWO med school.


I know that there some people on this forum who are knowledgeable about the admission stats so hopefully I'll be able to get useful feedback.


I'm an electrical engineering graduate of UofT, with bioengineering minor. I also took a few life science courses as part of bioengineering minor program and a few life sciences courses on the side (from UofT, Ryerson and Athabasca). I am currently a resident of North Ontario (Sudbury)


My cGPA is 3.83 (OMSAS scale), and my MCAT score is 36R (VR 10, PS 12, BS 14) for the second take. First time MCAT take was 31P, with a 7 in VR, which is probably the reason why I got rejected from all schools I applied to last year.


I have about 3 years of undergraduate research experience, 1 in engineering/computer research with a published paper, and 2 years in medically oriented computer science research.


I'd really appreciate any feedback, and hope I didn't bug you with the extra-long description of my background



another premed


PS: I'm also posting a similar message across the boards for the other schools I applied to. Hope this does not annoy anyone :)

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UofT undergrad average gpa was around 3.95-3.97 (the 30% of the class with grad degrees on average have much lower gpas, lowering the class average to 3.90). McMaster has a cGPA average of around 3.91 - bit while i think it will drop, with ONLY the verbal being considered from the mcat and about 33% of the evaluation process, a cGPA of only 3.83 and a verbal of 10 probably means doom.


If UWO can interview over 300 non-swomen people with an 11 verbal cutoff, AND cutoffs of 10 for bio and 9 for physical, needing a total of 30 or more and P (which are not guaranteed for all >=11 verbal people), how many people will MAC interview with verbal MCATS <11?? And the few they do, probably will have GPAs in 3.95-4.00 range. And that is presuming an above average ABS. Business and humanities majors that destroy the verbal but do crap in the sciences will have awesome chances at MAC this year.

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yea damn i screwed myself with regards to UofT with my first year... 3.72 or something... then second year 4.0 (but dropped a course, took it in the summer, so can't use the weighting formula), third year 4.0... but it only levels out to around 3.91... hopefully they will look at the obvious trend, and consider my non-usage of the weighting formula

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(citation needed)


How about the uoft medicine admissions webpage...

average 3.90 undergrad gpa for ALL students (including graduate students)


30% of students are graduate students - many with low undergrad marks as posted last year...3.7, 3.8, even as low as 3.55 i've heard!!


While not impossible, getting into uoft from undergrad with a gpa under 3.90 is a herculean feat. VERY FEW DO IT.

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you're bitterness towards UofT is so obvious...it's kind of pathetic.


I personally know a $hitload of people who got in to UofT FROM UNDERGRAD last year with 3.8 - 3.85. Nothing crazy in terms of ECs or MCATs. The reason we don't hear of them because they simply don't post on this forum.


You're expertise is based on 1) Internet forums 2) the website.

Needless to say, it's a pretty low standard of expertise.


The fact that you can make these grand statements is pretty ridiculous imo.


Oh, and by the way, I thought of you the other day. I spoke to someone on the admissions committee at UofT last week. He said that UofT prides itself on reducing the amount of self pretentious a-holes with the so called 'perfect stats' through their interview process... he gave me some examples...hence, where you came in.



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I suppose you're happy that the GPA cutoffs decreased, arbitrarily?


But you weren't shoving anything in peoples faces when they ****ed you last year, were you?


Way to be a douche, RandomGuy.


HBP, chill. Really. And this is from a guy who completely empathizes with your situation. My *cough* comment, although silly, was in response to future_doc's comment that the original poster (and you) would certainly get interviews "to the extent that anything in life can be predicted." Well, it seems that nothing in life can be predicted (with certainty), as we found out on Friday. Crazy.


Am I happy that the cut-offs this year get me an interview? Of course. Was I upset when the cut-offs last year didn't get my an interview? Of course. But such is the premed life. I don't think I shoved anything in anyone's face either this cycle or the last.


I hope you pick yourself up from this understandable disappointment in the near future.

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