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Princeton Live Online?


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Has anyone taken this before?

Considering the place where the classroom class is offered, logistically it would be convenient to enroll in an online course but I would like to know some of your inputs before I commit myself to it.

Thanks !

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I too am interested in taking this course. I've been doing a lot of research on it and have found a lot about it. Since it is newer, it's harder to find input about the course itself, but student doctor network does have lots of information on it. In fact, I've been conversing with a representative from Princeton Review (on Student Doctor Network) about the questions I had like whether the price was in USD or CAN dollars (it's in USD).


Here is a link to one of his pages where people are asking him pretty significant questions that I found useful. Also, you can do a search and people (obviously from the USA) have asked this same question (unfortunately I don't think it was answered). Overall, what I have been reading is that the Princeton Review books you get with the course are really good books and help with the understanding of the topics at hand.



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What I have found out so far.


* The cost of the course is in US dollars not Can Dollars (so now is a good time to enroll because of the strong Can Dollar)


* You get a headset when you enroll so that you can talk with your 'prof' while 'sitting' in on the class.


* There are generally 20 people in your class, so you do get some personalized attention


* The classes are recorded so if you have to miss the class for any reason, you can watch the recorded version (of course you won't get to ask him/her any questions). I believe you have access to all the recorded videos for review.


* There is a 24 hr Cancellation policy (still getting details on this), where if you cancel 24 hours before your course begins, you get a full tuition refund.

Update This actually may not be true. I was registering for the course and as I was reading the agreement to taking the course, I stumbled upon another 'cancellation policy' however this one varies significantly from what I was told. It said that

If you choose to withdraw your enrollment in any of our online programs within 48 hours after your enrollment in such program, we will refund all of the tuition you have paid. Please note that no refunds are available after 48 hours from the time of enrollment for any of our online programs other than online private tutorials.


Upon reading this agreement I immediately halted my registration to verify this information. So far it appears that if you plan on doing the online course, you have up to 48 hours to withdraw in order to receive your full tuition. I do plan on calling again to verify this information once and for all.


* Courses do run on a schedule, here it is http://www.princetonreview.com/mcatliveonline.aspx


* More information on what the Course Offers http://www.princetonreview.com/mcatliveonline.aspx


* You can contact your professor via email, phone or their 'office hours' ( which they are on a chat during certain times of the day)


* Here is an example of the classroom https://sas.elluminate.com/site/external/jwsdetect/playback.jnlp?psid=2009-01-09.0850.M.5438007A7269BAB2F705449BA895CA.vcr


* The prof does use presentations, so they don't just read from the book.


Overall, I think what they offer is great. I would in no way be able to move just to take this course, so just the fact that they offer something like this is awesome. I really wanted the classroom experience (mainly to be able to discuss concepts with the prof) and with this you do. What really attracted me to PR was that you get 105 hrs of instruction, and you get unlimited access to the AAMC Practice Exams.


Hopefully this helps!

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