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*New* 2009 Kaplan MCAT Books

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Still in the box, never used.




Kaplan MCAT - Verbal Reasoning Strategy and Practice

Kaplan MCAT - High-Yield Problem Solving Guide

Kaplan MCAT - Biological Sciences Review Notes

Kaplan MCAT - Physical Sciences Review Notes

Kaplan MCAT - Lesson Book

MCAT Flashcards for every section

MCAT Quicksheet (A laminated, professionally made cheatsheet)


These are the books that are offered along with the Kaplan MCAT course.


I'm asking for $150 for these books but for $180 I'll also include Kaplan MCAT Practice Tests - 6th Edition and 2009-2010 Edition Kaplan MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing, both unused.


My location is UWO in London, ON.

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