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NB Residents Declining Acceptance?

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The rest of Canada has released its admission results and the deadline for the $1000 deposit to Ontario med schools has passed. The NB waitlist has not moved since MUN released its results however, and is still officially at 6 offers sent out.


I'm curious to know if there are any NB residents who have been accepted to both Dalhousie and another med school (excluding MUN), and have decided to turn down their offer at Dal. Or for that matter, if anyone has paid both of the deposits and is still trying to decide between the two (or three, four, etc.). I had expected the waitlist to move by at least one or two additional spots after the Ontario deadline of May 28th.


Please let Dal know if you don't plan on going (or cajole your friend into doing this if he/she is sitting on multiple acceptances). It could make a world of difference in someone's life.

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