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Question for current UT Dents

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Hey guys!


Just wondering....

How much do you study per day, on average?

I heard most days are 8-5ish... but on top of that, how many hours/night do you devote to studying to keep up?



WHERE do you kids study? I know there's a library at the dental building - is that a good place to study? Do most of you study at other libraries on campus?? Or at home????


Thanks so much!!! :)

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Studying per week has been as high as 8-12 hours for me, during peak periods (which is most of the year). Maybe as low as 3-4 hours per week during lighter weeks. Study wherever works for you.


Hahahaha or 0hrs/week during lighter periods and a couple 6-8 hour cram sessions by skipping lectures during peak periods :P

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