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Discovery Week

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Please share your experience with Discovery Week.

How did it go for you? Where were you placed? Were there enough opportunities for you to do stuff or were you mostly just observing and being there?


I loved my Disco week. There were varying chances to be able to do things depending on who your preceptor was. Some are cautious of sharing their patients with students and others are more comfortable with a first year student's skill set. I definitely did a lot of observing, but also got to feel an inguinal hernia for the first time and scrub in on my first surgery.


Most of my group stayed in a B&B in a town 2.5 hours outside of London. The breakfast part of the B&B was the best :D


Aside from seeing how medicine is practiced from behind the scenes, it was great to be put with a bunch of students from the class that I didn't know that well and have the chance to get to know them better.

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