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The New England Journal of Medicine is probably the most widely known source for research in medicine- its the Science/Nature equivalent for medicine. Aside from that, each speciality in medicine has their own respective journals (e.g. Nephrology, The Canadian Journal of Cardiology, etc). Just do a quick google search for whatever you're interested in (or, if applicable, as your research supervisor to recommend some journals for background reading).


EDIT: Please be aware of the fact that journal articles are a pain to read and usually presume that you have the relevant background knowledge required (the background section of journal articles are usually pretty complex). If its your first time reading a journal, I recommend you make a flow chart which includes headings such as background information, design/method, control variables, responding variables, and applications.

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For General Medicine/Internal Medicine, can't go wrong with:





Annals of Internal Medicine

BMJ (although becoming less important over time)


The NEJM review articles are generally excellent. Most universities will have online access to all of these journals.

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Both the Canadian Family Physician and the American Family Physician offer excellent review articles on topics relevant to primary care. AFP is available to non-subscribers approximately 1 year after publication (thus early 2009 is now available for free) and I'm not sure about the CFP as I am a subscriber, but it's likely similar.




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