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My chances?

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Hi all,


I thought I would post this here and see what the pros think:


What are my chances of getting in?



GPA (according to UofC): 3.7


ECs: volunteered at the hospital (with nurses and leading a team of other volunteers at the information desk) for 2 years, volunteered with Heart and Stroke Foundation for nearly a year (led a team of volunteers during Heart Month campaign, and was part of the CPP program), worked as a tutor for nearly 2 years (tutored high school kids math and sciences), worked as camp counsellor for 4 summers in high school years (especially worked with special needs children and won award for it)

Degree(s): BSc and MSc (working on it now)

Publications: expecting/hoping to be first author on one, and an author on another one

Won awards/scholarships during grad years

Did very well on my grad courses (A and A- by UofC standards)


Thanks for the input!

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What is your GPA after you drop your worst year? That's something you can do at UofA.


At 3.7 and given everything else, you can get an interview but would need to do well on the interview. Your ECs aren't that impressive really.

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If you've done 4 years of undergrad, you may drop your worst year as long as it isn't your last year or your only year with a full course load.


At 3.8, you will almost surely get an interview and are competitive to get in as long a you do well on interview.

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