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You're not out of the running for med ... :)!


You should probably take a look at the individual policies for each school you are interested in applying to. Which marks will be considered will differ for each school. Unfortunately, there are a few schools that mandate a minimum number of years in which you have taken a full course load.


For example, you do not need a full course load every year at UofT as long as you complete your degree in a timely manner. However, if you do have a full course load, it will mean a weighting formula dropping some of your lower marks will be applied.


At Queens, as long as yuare a full time student you can apply. Your total average OR your top two years will be applied.


At Ottawa, your top three years with a weighting formula will be evaluated. However, you DO need a full course load for those years.


..etc, etc.


Hope that helps!


Congrats on getting this far :)!

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