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CDA interview scores

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Hi guys,

So..for CDA interviews, how does the score transfering work?

I have a couple of CDA interviews coming up, first one being Dalhousie.

So..if I do well in Dalhousie, I can transfer the scores, to say U of T?

What if I do better on U of T interview (2nd one coming up)? Then can I send that score back to Dalhousie (even if I already did an interview there)?

Probably not..right?

Kind of confused.


Also, do schools automatically get to see your CDA interview scores from other schools? No right? Only if I decide to transfer the scores?


Thanks in advance!

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From my understanding schools will accept your interview scores from another institution (ie UT accepts from Dal), UNLESS you take an interview at that second school, in which case they only look at the scores you got from them.


That's how it works at UA, anyway. It makes sense since they would have most control over their own interviewers, and I'd assume it's fairly standard practice for schools that do CDA. It would prevents students from taking as many interviews they can to get the best score.


EDIT: It's stated in the interview notification email that Alberta gives you three options:

(a) decline everything

(B) accept an interview at Alberta (nullifying any transfered scores) or

© transfer your scores from another school (these can be future scores...you don't have to have done the interview yet)

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