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Whats my problem?


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I dont know whats been happening to me lately. Maybe its the self-reflection I did for my interviews? Anyways, to summarize, I just tend to keep spilling my problems onto my friends, and even people I have only known for like 5 minutes and even in online flashchat here. I mean yes I have been through and am going though a lot but i feel like i have lost control over things I want to keep to myself. They just keep coming up in conversations. Everyone who talks to me is bound to get depressed or emotional. I almost feel like i want people to feel bad for me and I want them to percive me as a good person.


Another thing is that I feel like I am trying so hard to become a saint when I know I am NOT perfect. I have done bad things. I talk behind people's backs. Just yesterday I secretly looked a freind's grades behind her back when she trusted me enough to leave her computer with me. I am turning so evil for some reason! WHATS MY PROBLEM??? I wasnt like this before. I need help!


(and now i am posting this. and again this will make me look good coz people will think "oh atleast he is admitting to his mistakes". and i dont want that anymore!!!)


Yoga, bro. Trust me. Try this workout: http://www.megavideo.com/?d=7A4YJFTO


Sounds like you need to go for a very long and painful run... :P


Am I the only one that feels like the forum's been invaded by marathon runners?

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