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Looking for roommate starting June 1st in Toronto


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Hi there,


My current roommate is moving out and I'm looking for someone to share the place (at least a 1 year lease please). Below are the details:


Rate: $663 (utilities included) + internet extra ($24/person on avg)


Location: 200 Elm - best thing about this place is its LOCATION!

-around the corner from Mount Sinai Hospital (literally, not kidding), Toronto General Hospital, Women's College, Sick Kids, 15-20 min walk from Toronto Wester, St. Mike's

-5 min. walk to TTC, street car, Chinatown, Baldwin, U of T Campus/libraries

-very quiet vs Bay street condos (where I lived b4 moving here) - this is essential for those post-call days!


The room:

-'roommate' style suite - no actual 'living room' - just 2 large bed rooms separated by bathroom and kitchen, perfect for sharing (see attached jpg)


About me:

-female UT med student about to start family medicine residency in Toronto in July

-non-smoker, no pets (but would welcome a cat!), clean, quiet.


If interested, feel free to contact me!



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