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another CDA question

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-Talk about it with the coworker first

-Don't be confrontational

-Explain how you had to do extra work because of them, gauge their reaction, be calm but firm in explaining your pov

-Try to maintain positive relationship with the person, since you'll be working together

-Won't bring it up to the manager because it could just be a one time thing, person could be apologetic and tell you it won't happen again. etc

-If it happens again, take it up to manager

-Don't have problem with working a few extra hours for a legitimate reason but don't want to cover for someone so they can go party

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what if it's a trick... what if see your friend partying but they really aren't or what if they got better by the evening and this party was a commitment of theirs


You could "what if" every one of the scenarios they give you... So long as you show that you have thought about it, you should be okay. I think the previous answer is acceptable

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