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Getting referenece letters - who to pick

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Hi all

So I'm just wondering about who would be the optimal person to obtain references from.

For example, let's say if you have person A, who you've known for ~3 years and knows you well, but you have demonstrated both your strengths and weaknesses to the person.

Then you have another person B, who you have known for ~6 months and have only seen the "good" side of you.


Would choosing person A be a good choice for med school reference letters, specifically for schools like U of T, where reference letter matters a lot?



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Who is going to be the most strongly supportive person? A good referee knows you well enough to write about your strengths convincingly, and recommends you as a future physician without reservation.


++. OP, ask for a *strong and positive* LOR. If they refuse, better for you to avoid the letter.


Also, there is no room for weaknesses in the LORs. A dean at BU Med summarized this nicely at one of my interviews: "from your LORs, we know all of you can walk on water...now the interview will help us find the best fit".


There's just too many gushy/overly exaggerated letters without weaknesses for you to be competitive enough with letters that follow the "despite this *insert weakness* the candidate is a great..." mantra.

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