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How does U of T evaluate your "entire transcript"?

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So U of T is one of the few schools in Canada that looks at the applicant's entire transcript and look for signs of progress/advancements etc... rather than using hard cutoffs like Western and Queens.


So I was wondering what exactly is the criteria for U of T's evaluation of "holistic transcript" scores.

1) I understand that you are supposed to have minimum of 60% of courses from the corresponding academic year of studies you are in, so I am assuming that this is one criteria that MUST BE met. Am I correct? Did anyone got an interview/got in to U of T all have this 60% requirements?


2) How important is the upward GPA trend? For example, let's say that if you have a pretty high wGPA ~3.9+ish but you have a downward trend in your transcript. Would this be looked upon negatively in comparison to those with lower wGPA (let's say ~3.6-3.7ish) but has an upward trend?


3) With a mediocre 1st undegraduate degree, will doing a second undergraduate degree be looked upon unfavorably as opposed to doing a masters degree? For example, say if you get much better grades in your 2nd degree, would that be able to make up for the bad marks you received from your 1st undergraduate degree? Or should they just do a masters degree?


4) Does U of T look at individual courses? In other words, let's say you demonstrated an upward trend between 3rd year and 4th year, but in 4th year you have a dropped course. Let's say if you do much better in 5th and 6th year of undergrad degree. Would U of T still frown upon one dropped course from 4th year?



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I really don't think any of these are questions any of us have answers to.


My only guess is that upward trends looking better than downward trends (for the same GPA) and that doing well in advanced science courses, overloaded semesters, well rounded course selection (i.e. humanities and/or social sciences on top of advanced science) would probably be looked upon favorably. All of this is common sense though.

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I think, at this point, you're asking for details or criteria that may not even exist for the UofT Admissions Committee.


What I really want to say is... Relax. I don't know if you've had your interview or not (I assume you have one since you're asking hypothetical situations regarding IF you don't get in), but regardless there is nothing you can do about these issues now.

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