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hey guys I'm kinda not too what to say about this one:


"Suppose you are a dentist and a patient comes to you, and you realise that the previous dentist has done a bad job. What would you do?"


What I have in mind is:

- I want my patient to have the best possible oral health possible, and i feel that he/she deserves to know about the issues

- however i dont want to jump to conclusions or overreact and assume that it was completely the fault of the previous dentist - perhaps the problem was just due to poor personal hygiene or was the result of an accident

- i would thoroughly examine her teeth to determine beyond a shadow of a doubt if it was due to a poor procedure by her previous dentist

- i bring the issue up to the patient and ask her about the specific procedure

- Should i tell the patient that they received a poor treatment in the past? Although I'm being honest that might seem a bit unprofessional.. or should I ask the patient for the previous doctor's contacts so that I can ask him about the procedure and tell him about the problems?



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I like how you started off. I would consult with the previous dentist before telling the patient it was a mistake of the previous dentist. You can express your concerns of the quality of the procedure to the patient, but explain that it could be due to a number of reasons and that you don't want to jump to conclusions just yet.

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