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University of Western Ontario.

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Congrats to those who have been invited to Western for an interview.


I have a quick question regarding Western's admission process:

From what I understand from the website, the top 2 academic years are the primary source of admission assessment, but it also says over all academic trend is looked at as well.


If I have good 2 years (87%) and pretty ****ty marks for the rest, can I still get in?


Also, if you have already graduated, do you still have to send in another copy of your transcript in June? I ask b/c I am taking 1 course for the sake of learning (Effective Writing) and I am not doing that well (probably end up with a 'C').


Arggg... Western is too hard to get in!


P.S. correct me if I am wrong, but I think I read somewhere that after you've invited for an interview, it is your AA score of DAT that is looked at?

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