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How are you tackling the answers

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hey guys, as you state the answer to each question - do you actually say - "by not demonstrating my frustration because i knew that it would have a negative impact on the situation, I demonstrated by ability to modify my actions and emotions" or do you say "i ensured to keep my frustrations in check and modify my words and emotions such that i was pleasant and calm" and hope that the interviewers are able to quickly pick up on the competency that you are hoping to demonstrate?


SO, what I am asking is - do we need spell things out for the interviewers?



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Also, we should target each of our answers to be approximately 5 minutes correct?



Yeah that's correct I try to stay between 4-6 minutes when answering but it's ok if you get one that is 3.5 min and another is 7 min as they will cancel each other out but you just want to make sure you get as much detail in there as possible.


Also get your point across but don't sound too rehearsed as this will sound too unnatural.

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