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Hey guys :) help with my GPA calculation

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I'm trying to calculate for physiotherapy, of which schools in Canada look at your last 10 full course load (last 2 years).

Well i've finished my undergrad (i'm going to be applying a year late).


I want to know how to calculate my last 10 full course load (or 60 credit hours) if i took:


3A - 5 courses

3B - 5 courses

4A - 5 courses

4B - 6 courses


So am i supposed to omit one course in 3A?

I have one LOW mark in 3A (organic chem 2).


Thanks for your help!

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From my experience applying to OT grad school, they'll take your average for the 5 courses from term 3A, but then only weight that term for 4 courses, as opposed to 5.

so term average:





/20 = sGPA



From the McMAster PT FAQ:


"A calculation will be completed by ORPAS based on an applicant’s final 60 units/credits of university academic study (i.e. equivalent of 10 full courses or 20 half courses) completed and final as of December 31st of the application year. These will include summer, part-time, on-line distance education, transfer courses, courses taken on an exchange program, failed university courses and degree courses taken beyond the four-year undergraduate degree... Where grades must be extracted from a term to achieve the equivalent of 10 full courses, the average of that term (e.g. an applicants second year) will be used."




HOpe that helps! :)

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