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I need help guys with U of Guelph :(


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Hi guys,


actually thanx for this sit cuz it helps me a lot !!!


i have a lot of questions for Pre-Med :


i applied in U of G in bio-med science and a i'm planning to go to medical school doesn't matter wich one ... but i'm confused about the study map for bio-med sci it doesn't show ( biology,chemistry,physics,english , so on) with labs too , how i will applied in these subjects if they are not in the study plan .


plz i need ur help for that



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I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but these are the courses you take at Guelph in biomed:


Semester 1

BIOL*1080 [0.50] Biological Concepts of Health

CHEM*1040 [0.50] General Chemistry I

MATH*1080 [0.50] Elements of Calculus I

PHYS*1070 [0.50] Introductory Physics for Life Sciences

0.50 electives or restricted electives


Semester 2

BIOL*1070 [0.50] Discovering Biodiversity

BIOL*1090 [0.50] Introduction to Molecular and Cellular Biology

CHEM*1050 [0.50] General Chemistry II

PHYS*1080 [0.50] Physics for Life Sciences

0.50 electives or restricted electives


Semester 3

BIOC*2580 [0.50] Introduction to Biochemistry

MBG*2040 [0.50] Foundations in Molecular Biology and Genetics

STAT*2040 [0.50] Statistics I

1.00 electives or restricted electives


Semester 4

BIOC*3560 [0.50] Structure and Function in Biochemistry

MCB*2050 [0.50] Molecular Biology of the Cell

NUTR*3210 [0.50] Fundamentals of Nutrition

1.00 electives or restricted electives


Semester 5

POPM*3240 [0.50] Epidemiology

One of:

BIOM*3200 [1.00] Mammalian Physiology

HK*3940 [1.25] Human Physiology

Electives or restricted electives to a maximum of 2.75 total credits in this semester.


Semester 6

BIOM*3040 [0.75] Medical Embryology

BIOM*3090 [0.50] Principles of Pharmacology

Electives or restricted electives to a maximum of 2.75 total credits in this semester.


Semester 7

2.50 electives or restricted electives


Semester 8

PATH*3610 [0.50] Principles of Disease

2.00 electives or restricted electives*


Restricted Electives

Anatomy Elective - 1 of BIOM*3010, HK*3401/2, HK*3501/2, ZOO*2090

Histology Elective - BIOM*4070 or ZOO*3000

Immunology Elective - ANSC*4650 or MICR*3230

Advance Study Electives - 2.00 credits from BIOM*4030, BIOM*4050, BIOM*4090, BIOM*4110, BIOM*4150, BIOM*4180, BIOM*4210, BIOM*4220, BIOM*4420, BIOM*4500, BIOM*4510, BIOM*4521/2, HK*4070, HK*4230, HK*4360, HK*4371/2, HK*4411/2, HK*4460, NUTR*4320, NUTR*4350, NUTR*4360, NUTR*4510.

Arts and Social Science Electives - 2.00 credits (1.00 credits must be from: PHIL*2030, PHIL*2070, PHIL*2100, PHIL*2120, PHIL*2180, PSYC*XXXX, SOC*XXXX)


So your program definitely includes chemistry, biology and physics. English you can take as your electives (you require 2.00 credits of arts or social science electives, and you can take 1.00 credits (or the equivalent of two courses) as English electives, if that is your choice).


If you check out Guelph's calendar, all of the chemistry, biology and physics courses include labs.

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OP- biomed covers all the required prereqs for medical school in Ontario. The only thing you may need to take as electives or orgo and english. All first year science classes will include labs. You will choose a lab section when you accept and pick courses.


PM if you want more details.

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ooh thanx guys for ur respons ... is there any books can i barrow from library to help me with my courses before i start ?


Mmm... this won't really be necessary. All of the textbook are on reserve at the library (Gen. chem, there's a new one for bio now... I'm an oldie ;), Physics for Life Science, Calculus for Life Sciences, etc). All of you textbook names will be up on the bookstore website shortly.


But I would really just spend your summer having FUN!!!!! First year is a bit of an adjustment and just kick back and relax. If you are really gunning to do work, maybe go through your grade 12 chemistry and calculus notes (unless you haven't taken calculus... then I really would recommend looking into the textbook lol). Those courses go through things quickly but give a quick breeze through your notes the week before school and you're set.

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Yeah, unless you feel your really weak at a particular subject, there isn't really a need to read ahead. Though English writing and etc may be useful to work on since that usually takes longer to adjust... But have fun during the summer, pick up a job, travel or volunteer somewhere!

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