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What are my options...?

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I really feel lost and so...unwanted and was wondering what my options are.

Career advice outside realm of medicine will also be appreciated.

My MCAT....(multiple) most recent one 30S (9 verbal 10 physics 11bio)


1st year: 80s

2nd year: really screwed up mostly 60s and 70s

3rd year:2 70s and mostly in 80s

4th year: 80s and 90s

(will update with calculated GPA, don't have it with me now)


2nd year really screwed me over because its really disadvantageous for me if wGPA/cGPA is considered and can't apply to Dal or Sask because of my one frea**** 60 from arts course.


I have MSc under my belt...no publication just few conferences here and there (really small one) and one international one.


I've thought about American school but looking at stats, I don't feel I'm ahead of anyone and Canadian more so (even though I felt UWO and QUEEN and U Calgary having best 2 year rule I thought I had chance, but no interview thus far so... since I haven't saved world/ published in nature doubt I will have any advantage over other applicants......


Caribbean, I haven't considered it ever... (thinking of possibly getting rejected even from Carribbean scares the hell out of me) considered Australia, but limited to one choice. Ireland...looked at it before, have to look into it again. (any good school? looked into Limerick's 5 year program,,,but really looking into 4 year program - short the better) UK, need to write UKAT but I'm writing MCAT first and too expensive.


Other careers, pharmacy, optmotry and OT considered before, but not sure. Will have to take a course for pharmacy and I feel really old to be doing this.









I feel I'm at wit's end.


I don't know what to do...

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i hate that question...obv he wants to be a doctor or he wouldnt have been struggling as much...spending time in a master, sci undergrad, mcats...




he lists other profession..butu cannot blame anybody for looking for other routes when the "light at the end of the tunnel is not that bright"


and u start doubting your self and start question the system.



with respect to carribean...its not as bad as everyone says..i have more friends going there/graduated then those that got accepted here....(its the canadian health care monolpy system!!)


some even doing rez..as a canadian at john hopkin surgery...!!!!

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