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EK vs Kaplan


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im currently studying using kaplan books and ek. however, im a little confused.


1. kaplan seems to be saying we should memorize all the physics formulas they mention and on their little "cheat sheet". where as EK has much less physics formulas required to be memorized. which one is correct?


2. for those of you who are using the EK 1001 questions, what are your thoughts about it? im planning to purchase all of them but ive heard they aren't representative of the mcat style (passages + questions) any advice?

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Hi, for the 1001 questions:


The biology and verbal question books are great. They are both in passage form, like the real MCAT.


The physics and chem are in stand alone question form. They are a good indicator if you understand the basic science well enough, but they are not overly representative of the types of questions you will see on the real MCAT.


That said, I use all of the books and find them to be good practice.

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