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Honors or Major+Minor

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I am a 1st year student in UBC. Although I am interested in getting into medicine school, the business career path also appeals to me. I still can't decide which route I want to get into now.


So, there are 2 options of specialization that I am considering now:

1) Honors Pharmacology/Physiology

2)Major Pharmacology + Minor Commerce


My question is: How would getting into a Major program instead of an Honors program affects my odds in getting into Medicine school (although the commission "claims" that any degree would stand equal chance into getting into medicine school)?


I know we would be doing a research project on 4th year in an Honors program. Do people get into the honors program because they can get a good reference from the prof in the 4th year? What are other advantages that ppl in Honors program get compared to those in a Major program? Do they have priority in getting lab experiences?

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I'll answer a portion of your question.


What major you choose, honors or not, minor or not, does not affect your chances of entering medicine.


Your MARKS are important. Students who enter honors pharmacology or physiology usually have higher marks and they have an easier time entering medicine.


Doing pharmacology may make your life easier in medicine when it comes time to study pharmacology, but if you end up getting poor marks in the program, then it makes it all the more difficult to enter medical school.

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