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4TH YEAR Medical Cell Biology courses

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Im thinking of doing a major in medical cellbio but I'm a little concerned about the 4th year courses and 3309.


Reading the course outline for 4410/4411 discovery based courses reminds me of 2290....:eek:

3309 interests me but Ive heard of some 'bell ringer' type test??


Would loveeeeee some advice/help (i really loved 2nd year cell bio if that matters!)

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Don't know about the 4000 level courses, but I loved 3309! Sure, I wanted to get into 3319 instead, but since there were no spots left, I took histo instead.


I learned so much! Admittedly, there is only a midterm and a final for the class part, so I was worried, but as long as you study the material, it's terribly easy. No tricks, no crazy obscure memorization.


The lab part did get annoying at times in terms of the weekly in-lab assignments, but that's simply because you had to draw tissues and such... As for the quizzes, yes, they were bell-ringers and sometimes weren't all that easy to figure out, but they work you up throughout the year, so you get the hang of it soon enough. Plus, if you actually look over the slides in the lectures and the pictures in the textbook, it's not that bad...both the lab midterm and the final used slides we'd either seen in class or in the pre-lab talk.


I found histo also overlaps well with human phys (phys 3120) if you're taking that as well.


Hope this helps!

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