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Hey, I'm curious as to why you're against the 11 month school year? Most people I've talked to said it's a good thing as it'll ease up the course load so there is less burn out. Anyway, I've simply received my email so far but here's what they said about the 11 month school year:


Please be advised the Faculty of Dentistry is proposing to modify its academic year. Upon receiving University of Manitoba Senate approval, our academic year will run from August to June. The additional Summer Session (May and June) will become part of the requirements of the DMD program and your attendance will be mandatory. This information was also shared with you at the time of your interview.

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They claim that this will reduce "the work load", however, we will be in school mode for an extra 7 weeks, which still = stress! During the summer a majority of us are doing a BSc. research project, which requires two summers to complete. This change will severley affect our projects and our ability to make income during the summer months (we have one dad in our class and also a physiotherapist that is trying to maintain her license by working full time in the summer). Dentistry is very stressful and intense and by May we are all exhausted and need time to refuel. I can't even imagine what it will be like to prolong this. Our thought is that because we are type A personalities, we will just use the extra time we have studying and practising even more and that we are just going to hit the wall when May comes around. I think the best analogy is removing a band-aid; better to be quick and painless.


They are mainly making these changes so that the school can make more money in the clinic. They want to have us working year round so that they can start making a profit. I would beware of the sugar coated letter that they sent in you admissions package; the students are not of primary concern here (100% of our class is against the 11 month proposal).


I am sorry to be such a negative Nelly. But we would like to get the ball rolling on making sure this doesn't happen!


P.S- I am really enjoying my summer thus far and would like to look forward to this next year, because once you start working you will never have the opportunity to take three months off in the summer (unless you don't mind losing oodles in overhead).


P.S.S- Congrats on the acceptance and we look forward to meeting you in August!

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