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Yet another 'what are my chances'...

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Hey everyone,

Registration for the Nov '11 DAT is open and I'm on the fence of whether I should take it to improve my chances...


Current scores: 21 RCT / 20 PAT / 19 TS / 26 Carving


I'm heading into 3rd year with a GPA at roughly 3.8 (u of a scale).


Looking at the admission stats at the U of A, all these numbers fall within the accepted range. I just don't get a good vibe from my numbers (the PAT score seems a little low to me).


I will be applying for Fall 2012 at U of A, U of S, and U of Mtb

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U should be able to get interviews at almost every one of those schools (maybe not U of S depending if you have more A+ to A ratio and also depending on the other applications they receive-this year was a strong year so you needed a DAT avg score of 23~ to get an interview at U of M, same with U of S). Your PAT is a little on the low side for U of A, and you AA is a little low for manitoba. But your carving makes up for it. so you should be ok.


GPA is good enough. Just do well on interviews and you will be fine.

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