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OMSAS credit hours confusion

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I go to UBC and I have '28 credit hours' in one year according to their system. When I entered all my courses into the OMSAS application, it became 11.5 OMSAS credits (which translates to more than 28 credit hours i think...). This is most likely because I have so many 1-, 2- and 3-credit courses. Would OMSAS correct this upon receiving my transcript? If it ends up being 28, i'll be ineligible for UWO.



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Did you take five 3-credit courses each semester?

If you did and 3 of them are at your grade level or higher(e.g. 300/400 courses for 3rd year students) then you're set.


OMSAS just standardizes everything to give everyone a standardized OMSAS adjusted GPA.


Once UWO receives the transcripts from you, they will check again to make sure that you had full 10 3-credit courses that year.


I think for UofT, they accept 28 credit hours or higher as full course load.

You should ask UWO if that's the same case for them too (I think they will be fine as long as you have six 3-credit courses that are at your level or higher)


Good luck!

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