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How would I put this on my ABS?

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Hello everyone,


So it will be a year or two until I apply but I am already worried about how I would put this e.c. on my ABS. I am a member of a local community concert band. We usually practice one day per week and do performances at local venues, however as part of the band we volunteer our time performing at retirement/ long term care homes on the weekend from about november to january.


Would this be two activities on the sketch with a discription of each?. for example:


-member of local community band

-volunteer as saxophonist at local long term care facilities


Or would this be listed as one activity?

I just feel like 200 or 250 characters does not give justice to the amount of time and effort I have put into this aspect of my life, and that it might be overlooked.


I also perform as a pianist in an annual christmas recital for elderly persons, would you count the practice time inorder to learn the pieces specifically for the recital into account when I list it. Because my performance may be for 1 or 2 hours, but the time devoted to practicing is quite large, and I would not learn those pieces if I was not in the performance.


Any advice would be appreciated.






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Hey abstract,


I was in a similar situation for my app. I sing with a choir that does a lot of charity work and donates most of our earnings. I ended up putting it as one activity, and wrote something along the lines of 'charity fundraising' group in the description. I wouldn't put it as two entries unless the long term care facility volunteering is only done by a subset of your band or involves learning different pieces . I know it's hard to boll down your life into 200 characters, but I don't think making it two entries will make it stand out. If anything it might look like you're trying to stretch out your ABS.


I would count personal practice time in your piano entry, just as you would count group rehearsal time with your band.



Hope this helps!

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