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Tips on Finding/Switching Family Doctors?


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Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place to post a question like this but I'm trying to get a new family doctor for myself and my parents. So far- no luck (we're not in the GTA and city's population is less than 100k).


We've had the same GP for about 15 years but we've been very unhappy- a necessary hospital admission for my dad was the last I'm willing to put up with her b/c he had seen her twice about the same issue and she dismissed his symptoms. Instead, I had to take him to an urgent care where a simple plain film prompted his hospital admission.


Does anyone have any tips on finding/switching a family doctor? I know we're really fortunate to have had one for so long but I don't trust her and would rather take our needs to an urgent care. Some offices I called were a bit unsympathetic towards our request (b/c we already have a GP) so is there any way around that? I've also heard that you can mention referrals from friends and some offices will accommodate you. If anyone has any tips/suggestions, I'd really appreciate it!

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