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I'm likely going to attend U of Calgary for undergraduate studies, with a major in the Biological Sciences.


I was hoping some UofC undergrads could share with me what it is like, since I live in BC and have nearly no idea about the U of C.


How did you enjoy your time at the U of C?


Are the staff/students generally friendly and helpful?


How difficult is it to get a good GPA? Compared to other universities?


Anything else that I should know?


Thanks a lot for all your help!

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I'm in 4th year psych at U of C. I really enjoyed my undergrad years so far there. Getting a good GPA in university really depends on your study skills and the work you put into your courses. If you work hard though, there's no reason that you shouldn't have a good GPA.


I've found that the staff is pretty helpful. There's definitely a lot of services on campus that are willing to help you with any problems that may arise during the course of your undergrad. Attending orientation will really give you a good idea of where you can go when you need help.


Definitely take advantage of all the extracurricular activities that there are on campus. Join some campus clubs, volunteer around campus, and go to some the events being held around campus!

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