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OOP GPA calculation confusion!

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Hi all!


just realized that i may not have understood this correctly (sorry if it was addressed elsewhere)


is the requirement that the AVERAGE of the last two consecutive years be 3.7 or it should be atleast 3.7 IN EACH of the last two consecutive years?


I am wondering because my layout is like this:


year 2: 3.64

year 3: 3.92


Can i apply?

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I don't think so. I remember that thread - there was some confusion. Often people refer to "best two years" but what they mean is "last two." Happens a lot when people talk about Queen's.


Edit: Western actually DOES take your best two, so that's different.

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so if you graduate they will take your last 3 years (best 3 years)?


What if my last 2 years both had 3.8+ but 3 years ago it was sub 2.5? would there be away to work around the best 3 years, say i postpone my graduation until the winter/spring?


I was wondering this too, as I have recently graduated as well. They offered us the choice in the primary, I thought, to choose between the two (I definitely clicked last two years!). I figure if they disagree they will calculate it the way they choose.


I am OOP so this may be different for you, but the caendar says:


"A minimum GPA of 3.7 (on a 4.0 scale) based on a full class load of 5 full classes in each year of the two most recent years of study prior to submitting an application. An applicant's best 3 years out of 4 year of full time study could also be considered, if the degree program has been completed. "


They use could, so I imagine they use the number that works best in our favour.

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to the OP: last year they said 3.7 in each of your two last full-time years (sorry!)


If you graduated already, you can choose the option for pick 3 best years.


As for postponing graduation (which I did, but reasons weren't for med school, was more for fun and possibly a start into another career), I e-mailed them about how'd they would calculate the GPA and they told me it'll be considered on a case-by-case individual situation. I feel like I made a huge mess on my application just by postponing my graduation...... dunno if you wanna do that too.

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Just to keep everyone updated, here is the reply I got from Carolyn


If you apply after you have completed your degree you have the option for

your GPA to be calculated using your last two consecutive years or your best

three out of four years. (which ever will give you the best overall GPA).

You need to meet the minimum GPA requirement for the applicant pool you are

applying in, in EACH of the year's being assessed.


hope that helps everyone, helped me.



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It really doesn't matter what you chose on your application they will use whichever method benefits you, as long as you are eligible. I.e. if you haven't graduated yet they'll use the last 2 years, if you've graduated they'll look at your last 2 or your best 3 whichever average is higher and/or allows you to be eligible if you have a year that is below the cut-off.


I hope that helps.

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