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Life is pretty sweet.


Pretty much 9-5 (or 8-4) 4 days a week. No call. Fridays are 1/2 day academic days. Friday morning I work from home.


On a lot of rotations you can also work from home (especially electives). Rotations are based on outcomes pretty much, so you aim to produce papers/projects/reports. You'll have meetings from time to time so you will have to come in or you can call in sometimes.


When you do call, you usually do call during the day. You rarely (unless you really want to) carry the pager after hours. Even then, call is pretty light and you almost never have to go in.


Two years are family med. The one year of a masters is really not that hard. I worked as a family doc for 30+ hours a week when I did my masters (4-5 courses a semester). If you have a good grasp of epidemiology, and don't procrastinate, you'll be fine. I did go to class but spent a minimal amount of time preparing.

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