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Chances for an OOP?


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I've been considering McGill for meds but since I always heard it was impossible for someone like me from Ontario I never thought about it. However, recently I looked into it more and I'm thinking it may be very very tough but not impossible. My cgpa is 3.90 when converted to the McGill scale. No MCAT as of yet, but will write in spring. In terms of ECs: worked with kids quite extensively for several years now including special needs programs, camps, schools, sports programs (worked as coach, counselor, etc), crisis line volunteer, quite a few very longterm extracurricular in terms of sports and arts (played on a soccer team, dance team, etc), on the executive council for a local community group (VP for 2 years, am now treasurer), quite a few research assistant positions both at universities and with the government (4 conferences: 2 talks and 2 posters and a possible publication in the works), lots of trainings and courses in things like CPR and first aid, will be volunteering at a hospital in the fall.


One small dilemma: I never took university physics. I could take it in summer 2012 (I'm doing an MSc but I can still take a summer course according to my supervisor). I did it in high school and found it pretty easy so it wouldn't really be much of a challenge.


So my question is are my stats strong enough that its even worth it for me to go and take the prereq? I don't need physics for any other school I want to apply to since I only want to apply in Ontario. The physics would ONLY help me at McGill since at other schools out west you also need English credits which I did not take so I'd still be ineligible. Thoughts? Should I bother?

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Well, you have to look at it this way: being able to apply to mcgill will increase your chances of getting into a medical school slightly. Now it depends if you want to maximize your chances or if you think you got a good shot with your other applications right now. Also, how much do you want to go to McGill? Your portfolio is competitive so taking physics won't be a waste as it opens another door. But it just depends on how much you want to study at McGill.

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These are the statistics for 2011 OOPs (from the McGill website):


* Anticipated number of seats available for Fall 2012: 9


The following pertains to the Fall 2011 entry and is presented simply for reference. They do not offer any predictive validity.


* Number of applicants: 923

* Number of interviewed candidates: 27

* Lowest GPA of interviewed candidates: 3.51

* Average GPA of interviewed candidates: 3.93

* Of those who submitted MCAT results, the average overall score (numerical) of interviewed candidates: 35


Your GPA is a bit below the average but its worth a shot even though the stats are pretty scary.

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