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OK- so here are my questions.

How do doctors get remunerated and what are the advantages of each ?(pay / act, /hour, /year)

Is it possible to easily switch between remuneration modes?

How much money can I really hope to make as a GP while working regular hours vs peds? (I'm in Qc)

Is it simple to find a position in an office in a city in both specialties (family med and peds)? Can you choose your practice? (ie- offer to do a day of general peds, a day of general follow-up, a day walk-in?)

What about private practice (ooh! I said the bad word...) ? Is it feasible to work part time in a private clinic? What are the advantages/ difficulties with that? Is the practice truly more flexible?

Thanks a lot for the help! All comments are appreciated

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Guest copacetic

at the end of the day if youre a GP you can pretty much do whatever you want. work as much or as little, wherever you want. But you have to be realistic in the sense that if you want to earn more, you will have to work more.

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