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MCAT Test day logistics - slightly urgent


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Hi guys quick question here.


I'm writing in a few days and someone told me that the name that I have registered with on the MCAT website has to be exactly the same as on the ID I provide on test day. I know that my first and last name are exactly the same, but on my IDs I have my middle name as well (which isn't present on the registered name on the mcat site) Would that be an issue? I'm writing in Mississauga on 5889 Coopers Ave if that helps.


Also, what things should I bring to test day? i.e., which and how many IDs? paper? food?


Thanks :)


UPDATE: I called AAMC people they said middle name is optional it doesn't have to match. I can bring food items like chocolate bars, snacks, drinks, and put them in the locker. And my driver's licence doesn't have a signature, so the costumer rep said bring a debit card that has a signature and that should be good! Phew :P

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