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Hello, I might be asking a question already answered, but I don't think I can find it, and I'd appreciate it if someone can give an answer...:)


I'm applying to Calgary, Alberta, Queen's, Toronto, and McMaster.


I believe that for Calgary and Alberta, there is no specific requirements on who should be your refereee, unlike many US schools, which require members of Faculty who actually taught you. (Correct me if I'm wrong!!)


For OMSAS, it says among 3 referee, at least 1 should be non-academic...so it's okay if all 3 are non-academic, right??


I don't think there was other specific requirements for Queen's/ Toronto/ McMaster...but then again, I might have missed it.


Can someone verify? Thank you! =D

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thanks for quick reply!


well, i have one from my hospital volunteer work, and other two are not exactly "academic" per se, but they're from my research/shadowing positions, both in medical science. would that count?


oh yes, and one more thing...how often do ad-coms actually call activity verifiers?? i know it's rare, but how often?

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calling verifiers is rare and random, best to always be prepared


this. If you're applying to U of T, I think it's in your best interest to have at least 1 academic reference - perhaps use the individual in your research that you mentioned since U of T does look quite favourably at research (from what I've been told at least).

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