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Need Advice: EC's!!

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Hi, I'm going into my second year in university and really I only decided to pursue medicine midway into the summer. So I haven't done any EC's in my first year, and I've been struggling to find some during the summer for me to do during my school year. (Although I've done something for 6 years back at home, and now i can only do it during summers when I go back but idk if it counts??)


So I've found a volunteer position that I'm interested in that is on campus (not medicine related though) but it looks very fun and I want to do it. (4 hours/week)


There's also two volunteer positions at research labs that I found really interesting (medicine related). One is at my uni hospital (~3min walk distance) and one is at general hospital at downtown (~20min bussing)


Now I'm not sure if I can handle all those out of the blue in the second year while maintaining good GPA. However I DO want to do those activities sincerely. I feel that (research positions especially) if I don't take the offer now, I won't be able to later. For each research positions it's around 6~8 hours / week.



So I'm looking at going from

Year 1: 0 hours/week

Year 2: 16~20 hours/week.


Do you guys think it's best if I gradually increase the activities? I can't decide because I really do want to do all those !

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My suggestion, since you sound sincerely interested in all of it (good for you!), is to take one of the research positions and one of the volunteer positions. You're only in second year, 20 hours a week from nothing will probably exhaust you! It's more important to maintain your GPA, so save yourself some time to focus on school as well. I'm not sure what your schedule is like or how heavy your classes are, of course, but if you begin volunteering now at one place and continue there for the next couple of years you've gotten at least one good experience that will be educational and interesting as well as show longer-term commitment to something. Research is always a bonus, and I'm sure there will be more opportunities to join some over the summers or after graduation so don't feel pressure to complete two at once.


Later on, especially during the summers but also maybe if you find you do have enough free time during the week, pick up one more volunteer position. Volunteering each summer during one in-town event (a fair or sports tournament, or a campaign for something perhaps?) will also add to your list a few short-term commitments but doesn't necessarily take time out of your study time.


Good luck, I hope you have fun with whatever you choose! There are lots of opportunities out there but be careful not to let them interfere with your GPA ;):)

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