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OMSAS and WES Grade Conversions

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Note: I've already looked at the following threads

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1. Can someone who has had their American GPA converted to the OMSAS scale tell me how much their GPA varied from their AMCAS or school GPA?

2. Does OMSAS take into account your foreign school's/department's comparative difficulty (i.e. Top 10 vs. Top 50, humanities vs. engineering)?

3. I read one one of the threads that I referenced above that WES (World Education Services) does take your school and program into account.

Can someone else confirm that this is true?

4. Can someone tell me how much the WES USA-to-Canada evaluation changed their GPA?

5. If I submit my transcripts to OMSAS directly from the registrars, will OMSAS be obligated to use the WES evaluation if I also submit a WES conversion?


Background Info:

I'm Canadian, but I completed my undergraduate degree at a school in the States.

After looking at the OMSAS GPA chart I phoned OMSAS to ask what scale they used for converting American grades. They told me that they'd "look at the back of the transcript" and choose an appropriate scale.


In my case, this is futile because the reverse of the transcript only shows ABCDF & P and gives no indication of the raw percentages obtained to receive those grades.


On the other hand, for the majority of my classes with a straight grading scale, the conversion was:


>97 = A+

93-96 = A

90-92 = A-


87-89 = B+

83-86 = B

80-82 = B-


77-79 = C+

73-76 = C

70-72 = C-


<70 = D

<60 = F


And this is listed on each syllabus (which I do not believe OMSAS will reference or request).


In short, classes in which I received a B or B+ (80%-93%) using my school's conversion would actually be a 3.7-4.0 on the OMSAS scale, if they could see the raw percentages.


Sorry for the length, and thanks in advance!

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